Closed to temporary patients:
Our general practice is currently closed to temporary patients without regular Dutch insurance.
We would like to keep our small-scale practice open for neighbors who will live here long-term.
Temporary patients place too much (administrative) pressure on us.
In this way we remain the accessible practice in the neighborhood that we want to be in accordance
with our vision “consciously small-scalë”.
We think there are many good practices in the area that can accommodate temporary patients.

Registration Form
For an intake or regular appointment call: 030 – 251 30 07
Before your first visit, it is important to identify yourself at the practice desk.
Please ask your former general practitioner if he or she can send us your medical history, and remind him or her to unsubscribe you from the former practice!

Opening hours
The practice is open on weekdays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Huisartsenpraktijk Homeruslaan
Homeruslaan 66
3581 MJ Utrecht

General practitioners:
Jack Muller
Lisette de Ruiter
Marquerite Bunge
Myrthe ter Horst


  • Before your first visit, it is important that you identify yourself at the practice counter!
  • Ask your former general practitioner/doctor in the Netherlands if they can send us your medical history and whether they can unsubscribe you from their practice!
  • Tell your hospital that you have another GP.
  • I hereby give permission to request my medical data from the previous general practitioner and, if necessary, to consult the pharmacy.
  • With my registration at the GP practice Homeruslaan, I agree with the privacy statement. This can be found on https://homeruslaan.nl/privacyverklaring

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